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About Us

Art Music Yoga Peace Diet

Charm Element was founded in 2008 by a Singapore home-based mompreneur, Teacher Anne (妙安女士). Initially, we sold apparel online but eventually became too busy with the business, causing our health and happiness to deteriorate. Fortunately, we discovered yoga, which teaches us to live our lives with LOVE and COMPASSION.

There are many ways to express love and compassion, such as through the arts, playing musical instruments, or simply listening to soothing music. We also believe in helping others without expecting anything in return (Karma Yoga) and choosing a plant-based diet to ensure a sustainable earth for future generations. As such, we provide customers with products and services that can help them relax, quiet their minds, and raise positive energy.

At Charm Element, we strive to understand our customers’ needs and improve our products and services to provide a unique experience and peace of mind.

Charm Element
Connecting body and mind

Our Vision

Art is to Dream it Possible.
Music is to Calm and Relax.
Yoga is to balance our Body, Mind, and Energy.
Peace Diet is for our future.

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