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Peace Diet

peace diet

Ahimsa ( Sanskrit: अहिंसा ) is the Yoga principle of nonviolence which applies to all living beings.

We can freely choose the lifestyle that we want. Yes, we have our choices and we chose to live in plant-based lifestyle in compliance with ahimsa and our core values – Love and Compassion. Eating mindfully with a plant-based diet is not only a service we do to ourselves, but to help our environments – sustainable mother earth. If we do love our children and want to give them a sustainable and better future, there is no better way than to embrace a peace diet.

Thankfully, we met with our partner – Humble Food, on a Peace Diet trip to Terra Farm at Cameron Highlands in the year 2018. Humble Food is the first and only agent that importing biodynamic vegetables boxes from Terra Farm to Singapore.

What is Bio-dynamic Farming?

Biodynamic agriculture is an enhanced organic farming method. It involves managing a farm utilizing the principles of a living organism. This organism is made up of many interdependent elements: fields, forests, plants, animals, soils, compost, people, and the spirit of the place. This method allows the plant to grow to its full potential in vitality and resulting in the most beautiful and healthy food. It tastes better, more nourishing, and satisfying.

Its origin lies in the agricultural course held by Rudolf Steiner in 1924, an Austrian scientist and philosopher who also founded the Anthroposophical and Waldorf Education movements. Steiner focuses on building soil humus levels to feed the plants and not using some sort of unnatural water-soluble fertilizer.

Our product is biodynamics vegetables (in veggie box form) that come with a mixed variety of local vegetables ranges from leafy vegetable (e.g spinach, choy sum and etc), cruciferous (bok choy, cabbage and etc), marrow (pumpkins, cucumber, and etc), root type (carrots and etc) and others. This highly depends on the type of vegetables available and harvesting time.

The vegetables are free from pesticides, no artificial fertilizer, no GMO, no synthetic chemicals and hormones as well. Our products are DEMETER certified.

Our Biodynamic vegetables box comes in every week, freshly picked from the farm and straight into your box and delivered every Thursday. There are three sizes, S, M & L.

If you are interested, please make a reservation by early of the week, preferable Monday on Singapore pan-island wide.

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