【Dowsing Pendulum】 7 Chakra Layered Crystal Pendulum in Metal Hollow Star Casing (Energy Healing Pendant)


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Product information for Crystal Pendulum (Dowsing Pendulum):

Material: Seven Layered Crystal Pendulum
Metal Color: Silver
Size: 50x22mm (pendant), +/- 26cm (total length)
Weight: 24g

7 Chakra Layered Crystal Pendulum in Metal Hollow Star Casing

Introducing our remarkable dowsing pendulum – the seven-chakra layered crystal pendulum elegantly encased within a captivating metal hollow star casing. This pendulum unites the art of dowsing with the profound energies of the chakras, all while being encased in a starry embrace of sophistication.

The pendulum’s body showcases seven layers of enchanting gemstones, each representing a unique chakra. From the grounding Red Jasper to the transcendent Amethyst and White Quartz, every stone resonates with a different energy, offering a harmonious journey through the body’s energy centers.

What truly sets this pendulum apart is its metal hollow star casing, which cradles the crystal with celestial grace. Stars have long symbolized guidance and illumination, and this casing adds a touch of magic to your dowsing experience. Let the starry embrace remind you that answers and insights are just a sway away.

As you hold the dowsing pendulum within the metal casing, you’re not only tapping into centuries-old dowsing tradition but also aligning your energy with the universe. This pendant isn’t just a tool; it’s a conduit for self-discovery, divination, and higher understanding.

Adorn yourself with the beauty of both form and function. Wear this unique energy pendant as a testament to your quest for knowledge and balance. Let its energy guide you, and its starry casing inspire you to explore the cosmos of your inner wisdom.

General Usage:

The tapered tip of the crystal pendulum directs and channels energy based on its orientation, either inward or outward. Holding this singularly terminated crystal pendulum is a delightful experience. These dowsing pendulums are exceptional tools for meditation, healing, Chakra alignment, grounding grids, and energy work. When combining various crystals, they serve to harmonize and foster inner tranquility. Moreover, they serve as aesthetically pleasing additions to both home and office decor, making for both a unique collector’s item and a thoughtful gift.


  1. Due to the nature of hand-making from crystal stone, please accept variations in pendant dimensions, shape, color, inclusions, and crystal transparency.
  2. Please note that the actual product you receive may look slightly different from the photo. This is because each natural crystal pendant is unique.
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