【Dowsing Pendulum】 Natural Stone Crystal Pendulum with Dragon Wings and 7 Chakra Chain (Energy Healing Pendant)



Product information for Crystal Pendulum (Dowsing Pendulum):

Material: Natural Stone Crystal, Cultured Gemstone
Color: Blue Sodalite, Opal (cultured), White Quartz
Metal Color: Silver
Size: 35x55mm (pendant), +/- 27cm (total length)
Weight: 16g

Introducing a truly captivating creation: this crystal pendulum is adorned with exquisite Dragon Wings and accompanied by a delicate 7 Chakra Chain. This pendulum effortlessly blends the allure of natural stone crystals with the mystical symbolism of dragon wings, all while harmoniously incorporating the energy-balancing power of the seven chakras. The pendulum’s focal point is a meticulously chosen natural (or cultured) stone crystal, which not only serves as a conduit for divination but also emanates the inherent energies and properties of the stone. Its unique patterns and hues tell the story of the Earth’s ancient history, captured within the heart of the crystal.

Gracefully extending from the pendulum’s top is a pair of intricately crafted dragon wings, a symbol steeped in myth and magic. These wings, detailed with precision, embody the essence of transformation, protection, and transcendence. As they delicately encircle the pendulum, they remind us of the power within to navigate realms both seen and unseen.

Completing this masterpiece is the accompanying 7 Chakra Chain, each link adorned with colored beads representing the seven energy centers of the body. The chain serves not only as a practical and elegant extension but also as a tool for energetic alignment and balance. As the pendulum gently sways, the chakra stones radiate their respective energies, harmonizing and cleansing the space around it.

This pendulum is more than a mere tool; it is a fusion of artistry and metaphysical significance. When held in your hand, it’s as if you’re holding the wisdom of ancient civilizations and the power of transformation itself. Whether you’re an adept practitioner or a curious seeker, this pendulum invites you to explore the depths of your intuition, uncover hidden truths, and align with the energies that surround you. Allow this special crystal pendulum to be your guide, gently swaying between the known and the unknown, revealing insights, and connecting you to the realms of both magic and meaning. Display it as a centerpiece of your sacred space, a conversation starter, or a cherished tool that bridges the material and the ethereal.

General Usage:

The tapered tip of the crystal pendulum directs and channels energy based on its orientation, either inward or outward. Holding this singularly terminated crystal pendulum is a delightful experience. These dowsing pendulums are exceptional tools for meditation, healing, Chakra alignment, grounding grids, and energy work. When combining various crystals, they serve to harmonize and foster inner tranquility. Moreover, they serve as aesthetically pleasing additions to both home and office decor, making for both a unique collector’s item and a thoughtful gift.


  1. Due to the nature of hand-making from natural crystal stone, please accept variations in pendant dimensions, shape, color, inclusions, and crystal transparency.
  2. Please note that the actual product you receive may look slightly different from the photo. This is because each natural crystal pendant is unique.
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Blue Solidate, Opal, White Quartz