【Dowsing Pendulum】 Natural Rainbow Fluorite Quartz Crystal Pendulum (Energy Healing Pendant)



Product information for Crystal Pendulum (Dowsing Pendulum):

Material: Natural Rainbow Fluorite Crystal
Metal Color: Golden, Silvery, Bronze
Size: 6-7cm (pendant) , +/- 25cm (total length)
Weight: 10g

This crystal pendulum is a beautiful union of the natural world and the enchanting properties of rainbow fluorite quartz, meticulously crafted to enhance your dowsing experience. At its core, this pendulum features a genuine rainbow fluorite quartz crystal, handpicked for its mesmerizing play of colors and its inherent energy. Each crystal is a unique masterpiece of nature, a testament to the Earth’s artistic hand. When you hold this pendulum, you’re holding a piece of the Earth’s ancient history, rich with the energies of transformation and harmony.

The rainbow fluorite quartz crystal is a gem known for its ability to bring clarity and balance to the mind and spirit. As you engage with this pendulum, its energy resonates with your intentions, aiding in accessing your intuition and inner wisdom. The natural variations in color within the crystal create a visual tapestry that speaks to the multifaceted nature of our own experiences.

In the world of dowsing, the pendulum becomes an extension of your intuitive self. As it responds to your questions and intentions, it becomes a reliable channel for communication with the unseen realms. This special rainbow fluorite quartz crystal pendulum amplifies this connection, acting as a clear and focused conduit between your conscious mind and the wisdom of the universe.

Whether you’re seeking answers, insights, or simply exploring the depths of your intuition, this pendulum offers itself as a dependable guide. Its rainbow hues and quartz clarity serve as a reminder that answers are not always straightforward, and there’s beauty in the multifaceted journey of seeking truth.

General Usage:

The tapered tip of the crystal pendulum directs and channels energy based on its orientation, either inward or outward. Holding this singularly terminated crystal pendulum is a delightful experience. These dowsing pendulums are exceptional tools for meditation, healing, Chakra alignment, grounding grids, and energy work. When combining various crystals, they serve to harmonize and foster inner tranquility. Moreover, they serve as aesthetically pleasing additions to both home and office decor, making for both a unique collector’s item and a thoughtful gift.


  1. Due to the nature of hand-making from crystal stone, please accept variations in pendant dimensions, shape, color, inclusions, and crystal transparency.
  2. Please note that the actual product you receive may look slightly different from the photo. This is because each natural crystal pendant is unique.
  3. Your satisfaction is our TOP priority! If you’re unhappy with your product, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to make it right for you.

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Golden, Silvery, Bronze