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Hatha Yoga

Ha (Sun) Tha (Moon) Yoga is to balance the solar and lunar energies in our body and mind.

Hatha yoga is one of the most traditional yoga branches that still been practicing in this modern world. The practice involves the purification of the body, prana, and mind. The yoga lessons include yoga asanas (poses) for the body, breathing and stabilization of breath by pranayama, and meditation for the calming mind. Also, purification of the body or body detox can be done through various yogic cleansing techniques or kriya.

The main benefits of Hatha Yoga include:

  • Improve strength and stamina
  • Increase body flexibility
  • Improve balance and core strength
  • Improve body posture
  • Relieve neck and back pain
  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce stress and enhance mindfulness
Connecting body and mind

Personal and Family Yoga Services

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